Literature Review Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography-Rough Draft Jason Acosta Braff, Danielle. "Special Effects: Movies Affect the Brain and Body." Chicago Tribune. N.p., 22 June 2011. Web. 23 Nov. 2014. Danielle Braff’s articles included interesting facts that could support my topic. People who enjoy horror films are typically ones that enjoy thrilling adventures. Fear fills this adrenaline. It makes them feel in other words “alive”. Intensity keeps blood pressure and heart rate at beyond its peak. Intense films can cause chest pain and blood pressure and increases. These types of films affect your body physiologically. They trigger a moment of traumatization and fright. Sometimes the fear can be so intensified, it leads to tragic/fatal results. The reaction really depends on the type of person viewing the film. Corliss, Richard. “Never Watch Alone.” Time 184.17(2014):52. MasterFile Premier.Web.12 Nov.2014. The content of a horror film can also have an affect. Visceral horror travels well. Something that could change in mood is why they are viewing the film. People continue viewing the terror because it’s their reason for being there: to see terror. Inanimate objects(like dolls) cause a large sense of dread/terror in these horror films. Supernatural is sometimes over buckets and buckets of gore and blood. A correctly designed horror film would make any group of people scream in fright simultaneously. A horror film can heighten the terror by blending in “true life

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