Literature Review: Awareness On Human Rights

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2.2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.2.1 Awareness on employees’ rights Employment right awareness is a state of consciousness and knowledge about employment rights issues and is frequently found to impact performance of rights behaviour (Haeussinger & Kranz, 2013). According to Mikulas (2011), awareness “refers to one’s conscious experience of the contents [of the mind]” (p. 1). Brownet al. (2007) define awareness as “the conscious registration of stimuli, including the five physical senses, the kinesthetic senses, and the activities of the mind” (p. 212). To be aware means to do, feel, think, perceive, or sense something, and know (i.e., be aware) that one is doing so. In practice, most people appear to vary in the degree to which they are aware and also spend varying amounts of their time without awareness of what they are doing, feeling, thinking. Awareness is closely…show more content…
At the end of 20th century, there are massive development of media and it changed society’s ways of communication (Mauria,1999). We are passing from face to face dialogue to asymmetrical mass media communication (Thompson, 1995). Means of communication creates new way for society to gain information and knowledge. According to Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi & Ingita Pandey (2013), media has a crucial role in rising of public awareness as well as collecting information and opinions on certain issue. Fiske (1987, cited in Rose, 1998) argues that television is the most powerful medium for framing public consciousness. This is supported by Talero (2014) where in his research, he stated that the role of media in educating public is important because it is through newspaper, magazine, radio, and television that people gain awareness. Research done by Agosto and Hughes-Hassell (2005) revealed that young adults turned to resources with more ample information which includes telephones, televisions, radio, computers and people as the last resort to seek for

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