Consumer Attitudes Towards Store Brands

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Consumer attitude towards store brands is purely based on emotions. The relation between attitudes and purchase behaviour gets stronger as consumer gets more direct information about brand such as brand trials. The emotions can be described as:
• Cognitive (Awareness)
• Affective (Evaluation, Liking, Conviction)
• Co native (Action, Trial or Purchase)
The consumption of store brands is increasing in the global markets. In Europe it represents 12.4% of the total food shopping. Most consumers believe that store brands are reliable, trustworthy, different from the brands of the manufacturer and are great value for money. Their quality and perception depends on the store, and in
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(1) Customers’ familiarity with store brand. If a store gets its customers familiar with its brand, 33% of them will make purchases in this store.
(2) Price consciousness. It is the intrinsic attribute of customers. Research shows that more a customer is price-conscious, the more chances that he will purchase store brand product.
(3) Quality consciousness. It is another intrinsic attribute of the people. Consumers know that the quality of store brands is definitely not at the same level of national brands so when a consumer wants a high quality product, he will have less possibility to buy store brand product.
(4) Perceived quality of store brands. When customer perceive and believe that the quality of store brand products is good, they will generally tend to buy from store brands.
More interesting, not all store brands can adopt research findings at all events, and there are moderators that will influence and even reverse some
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