Literature Review: Creative Leaders Promote Creative Organizations

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JOURNAL REVIEW Mathisen, G. E., Einarsen, S., & Mykletun, R. (2012). Creative leaders promote creative organizations. International Journal of Manpower, 33(4), 367-382. SECTION 1 a) Introduction i. Title of the Journal Creative leaders promote creative organizations ii. Objective / Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of leaders’ creativity as a driver of creative organizations with the effect of creative work environment as the mediator. iii. Target respondents This research was focused on restaurant sector where the target respondents were leaders (chefs), employees and also outsiders, as the external evaluators on restaurant creativity. iv. Place and period of study The research was conducted in seven districts in Norway and the period of the study was not mentioned. v. Issues / Problem This research would like to examine whether creative leaders contribute to creative organizations since there is a lack of studies that examine how a leader’s creative behavior and personality may produce a creative work climate. b) Concepts / Framework used Figure 1.0: The relationship between leadership factors, creative work climate and organizational creativity. In this paper, the framework used indicated the relationship between 2 leadership factors on organizational creativity. The 2 leadership factors are the leaders’ creative behavior and leaders’ openness. These variables in the framework then constructed hypotheses of the research: (H1: A positive

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