The Influence Of Customer Relationship Management

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3- Research literature
Customer relation management
The term CRM came up with its current concept since the 1990s and was developed in the form of a business strategy to select and manage the most valuable communications with customers. CRM requires a customer-oriented philosophy and supporting culture of the effective marketing, sales and after-sales processes in the organization. Customer-oriented culture is based on a simple concept of one-to-one communication between customers and salers. This attitude looks to each customer in the eyes of a person with his wants, purchases, and needs. By utilizing CRM, customer relationship with the company and its needs are analyzed and analyzed. CRM is in fact a process for collecting and integrating
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Also, customer relationship management indexes had a significant effect including "internet service, market support and customer support" on customer response indexes; "brand development, brand preferences, re-purchase intention and react to price". The results of the study by Dubihlela and Molise Khosa (2014) in the hotel industry of South Africa show that the electronic communication management with the customer has a significant relationship with and customer satisfaction leads to their loyalty. The result findings of Salavati et al., (2013) showed that the relationship between customer relationship management and customer satisfaction has a significant relationship with customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction leads to their loyalty. Salavati et al. (2011) showed that knowledge management knowledge through knowledge sources has a positive and significant effect on different aspects of customer relationship management such as customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer attraction and interaction with customer. Based on the findings, the most effective of knowledge management on customer satisfaction and loyalty variables, attraction and interaction with the customer are in the next levels. The research results of Taherpour Kalantari and Tayebi Tolo (2010), which were conducted in all central banks public and private sector in the Tehran city, show that CRM is effect on the organizational marketing performances. However, there is a weak relationship between the studied research variables. The purpose of Moughali and Yavandpour study, (2010) was to investigate the relationship between the key factors of customer relationship management and effectiveness of customer relationship management. In this study, in addition to determining the relationship between customer relationship management and
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