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2.1 Introduction Diesel fuel is the singles largest source to power vehicles both in transportation and agriculture sectors. For many decades, the world’s energy production has relied mainly on non-renewable crude oil derived from fossil fuel. The availability of fossil fuel is limited, out of which about 80% is estimated to be consumed for energy and transportation. Due to increase in consumption of fossil fuel since few years, a strong threat to clean environment is being posed as the burning of fossil fuel is associated with emission like CO, CO2, SOX, NOX, and particular matter. Which are major causes of air pollution? This combination of increasing need and diminishing supply constitutes the energy crisis.
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[9] investigated the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fueled by biodiesel at partial load conditions. Experiments were conducted on a common-rail fuel injection diesel engine using ultra low sulfur diesel, biodiesel B100 and their blend fuels of 10%, 20%, and 50% under various loads. The result showed that biodiesel/blends fuels had significant impacts on the engine BSFC and BTE at partial load condition.
Qi et al. [10] examined the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of diesel and biodiesel as fuel in the CI engine, the power output of biodiesel was almost identical with that of diesel. The BSFC was higher for biodiesel due to its lower heating value. Biodiesel provided significant reduction in CO, HC, NOX and smoke under speed characteristic at full engine load.
Nabi et al. [11] investigated different parameters for the optimization of biodiesel production and carried out the performance test of a diesel engine with neat diesel fuel and biodiesel mixtures. The experimental result shows that exhaust emissions including CO, particulate matter and other emission were reduced for all biodiesel mixtures. And slightly increase in NOx.
Hoekman et al. [12] has studied biodiesel NOx effect and theories explain this effect. The biodiesel NOx effect can be mitigated by modifying control settings particularly by retarding injection timing and increasing exhaust gas
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