Literature Review: Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior

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Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior
A consumer is someone who makes decisions on purchasing products at the store, and someone who may be influenced by any promotions and advertisements (Joseph, 2015). A consumer is the one who engage in buying activities several times per day. The purchase of any product is the only visible evidence of a more intricate procedure that a consumer goes through for every decision he or she makes. However, every purchase decision is different and requires different amount of time and effort.
Consumer behavior is more than studying what consumers want to buy. It also attempt to know how the decision-making process goes and how it affects consumers’ purchasing decision (Solomon,
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The study proposed that ‘Security and Safety’ has been identified as the most influential in determining customers’ selecting the hotel in Lanta Yai Island, this is what hotels in Lanta Yai Island should consider while developing marketing strategies. For these prospective customers, security and safety are the most basic human needs. Even if the hotel is comfortable, if there is no safety, it is not worthwhile staying there.
Personal Factors. Any consumer purchasing decision is influenced by personal factors such as age and life cycle state, job, economic condition, lifestyle, and behavior. These may describe why preferences often change as our `situation' changes. The decisions are are obviously influenced by the different characteristics varies on every person.
The customers vary during their lifespan and purchasing of products alters depending on age and stage of life. Moreover, environment, values, lifestyle, hobbies and consumer habits change during lifetime. Family life stages change purchasing behavior and brand
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Nowadays, the marketers are focusing on alternative, nontraditional stages such as unattached couples, childless couples, same sex couples, single parents and singles marrying later in life (Kotler&Armstrong 2010).
The occupation and purchasing power of customers are also influenced purchasing decision. Likewise, the level of income also affects what customers afford and their perspective on spending. People with similar occupations, tend to have parallel taste on leisure activities as well as in music and clothing, etc. They typically socialize within a group, and share the similar values and ideas. Income level effects on what consumer can afford and perspective towards money (Solomon 2014.)
The personality differs from person to person. It can be self-confidence, adaptability, sociability and dominance (Kotler&Armstrong 2010). Personality governs how people see themselves and the world around them as well as how other people see them. Attitudes, values and people around them shape their personality. Personality changes lifetime when a person grows up and changes surroundings (Wright
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