Virtual Reality System Literature Review

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2 Literature review
The purpose of literature review is to let to reader get to know three background information related to the research topic. Section 2.1 gives a relative detail history of the virtual reality technology, advantages and drawbacks of this technology, application of it. Section 2.2 gives a detail explain how the VR technology be used in medical field, can do what kind of things and the benefit of it. Section 2.3 gives a review of the theory of disruptive innovation, it is the key theory to explain nowadays market, such as how a non-famous startup company raise and take place the original market leader.
2.1 Virtual reality
2.1.1 History of virtual reality
Virtual reality is the core technology in the research question, in order
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Virtual reality is the computer-simulated three-dimensional virtual images, gives user an experience like in a real world [8], the scene will change simultaneous when moving the head and the body, by using the controller or eye point, user can have interaction with the virtual world. Virtual reality system should contain three basic features, immersion-interaction-imagination [9]. Immersion means the simulated environment is so vivid just the same as reality, user can hardly distinguish or even cannot differentiate virtual reality and reality, and all the control in this environment is just as natural as in the real world. Interaction means user is able to interact everything in the virtual environment, and the virtual environment can give feedback based on that, imagination simply means it can simulate all the possible and impossible scenes, such as see through a human body to observe the internal organs and blood vessel or have an adventure to the Mars which is beyond what human can achieve. Those features indicate that in the future human will hold the leading position in the VR system.

Virtual reality technology is still a challenging technology because it is an integration of cross technologies such as display technology, emulation technique, GUI man-machine interface, multimedia technology, sensor technique, network technique and etc., that is one of the reason
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Besides that, this system also creates an interaction to the user, a panel on the screen so the user can use the touch-screen interface to interact, including speed, viewing angle, turn direction, stop, zoom in and out [17]. Computer generated 3D model also exists in some land views. This Aspen Movie Map is definitely the precursor of nowadays popular Google Street

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