Literature Review: Human Experience, And Human Environment

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The literature review will focus on two main areas of research: human experience; and human environment. It includes cultural influences related to human experience and why people would go back again to the place, together with the elements of physical and psychological activities and body movement. The content of the literature review is divided into two main areas that will outline the exploration of the topic related to the research studies. These main areas are:
a. Spatial and cognitive factors
b. Landscape as space and place
c. Experiential landscape
In order to determine the aspects of aesthetic design and the most memorable experience of the landscape, it is necessary to gain some understanding of how and why humans look at the environment
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It is an indicator of quality of life that helps us to understand the human-environment relationship deeper in which its process is to make sure that the experiences of people available in an appropriate manner and then appreciated and understood. It contributes to creating places that people have been involved in shaping as well as preparing and maintaining social integration.
Hence, experiential landscape integrates human experience with outdoor space so that relationships can become more real in the way we understand and create outdoor places as a sense of belonging, social integration and goals that give meaning to social life. Those places can be the root of human identity and experience. Twaites and Simkins (2007) came up with the experiential dimension, a routine contact with the everyday outdoors, which can be categorized
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It is also can be thought as a process of familiarize oneself with a new setting so that movement does not depend on memory cues as the experience is imprinted through physical body (Vanderboss, 2007). Place orientation requires on the processing of sensory informantion and interpreting it to establish the spatial relationships between a person’s position and significant objects in the environment (Long and Hill, 1997). It is important to deepen the environmental concepts including the layout, paths, structures and function of built environment in order to form an understanding conceptual or known as cognitive map. It is understood that when a person travel, he is given a choice-making where it is pre-planned according to his awareness of his current position while walking along the

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