Essay On The Importance Of Grammar In Learning English

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a. What is vocabulary?
As it was noted by Wilkins and Harmers (2002) “Without grammar very little can be coveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed”, vocabulary is the basic component of language proficiency and it defines learners’ competence to read, speak, write and listen. (Richardson and Renandya, 2002:255). According to Thorbury (2002:13), language performance, particularly English, will improve significantly if learner learns more words. He states that people can say very little with grammar, but they can say whatever they want with a word. At the very first stages of learning a foreign language, people infer the meaning of a sentence by the means of its vocabulary. Further, vocabulary knowledge determines learners’ ability to understand while listening to different speeches, such as
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Initial step in developing a theoretical reasoning for using songs in the classroom is to identify existing reasons teachers and researchers provide. Extracts from the literature show wһy teachers and researchers find using songs effective. These results include affective, cognitive and linguistic reasons.
Affective Reasons
Affective Filter Hypothesis is one of the five hypotheses developed by Steven Krashen. Basically, it is an explanation of how psychological and emotional factors influence language learning. It is particularly related to teachers’ attitude as it provides constructive reasons why some learners are more successful in learning than others.
A Krashen (1983) state that for learning to take place learner’s affective filter needs to be low. If it is high, the learner is afraid of being engaged in language, consequently blocking acquiring process and understanding what is being taught. In this sense, songs are considered as one of the preferable ways of keeping affective filter low, promoting stress-free learning

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