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CHAPTER TWO RESEARCH METHODOLGY Literature Review was applied to the research process because it is a methodological approach that helps in the review of studies or theories by scholars and professionals specialized in the topic of the study and associated subjects and topics. The literature review was helpful in the critical understanding of the study’s topic; therefore, for further considerations of the strengths and weaknesses of the topic and to ascertain whether the topic was worth studying. The reviewed focused more on the review of journal articles especially because journals are quite instrumental in the development of knowledge on the topic and field of the study. Thus, the journal article reviews helped the study to build on the arguments for and against the title of the project. The research method used in the study was secondary research method and the analysis method applied was textual analysis. The reason for selecting secondary research method was it helped in the understanding of the social phenomena and the links between certain phenomena and historical, economical and cultural elements. Textual Analysis helped establish examples of the particular films the study focused on. The first step in the literature review entailed the identification of the subject matter of the literature review. Fortunately, the subject or the objective of the review was already established as the title or aim of the study. Perhaps, the selection of the topic of the study and
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