Media Dependency Theory

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2.1: Theory Exchange
2.1.1: Media System Dependency (MSD) Theory
Looking at Media System Dependency (MSD) theory inside the setting of revenue may clarify eWOM's influence on the revenue of airlines. MSD theory proposes that the media is a vital segment of a tripartite group of onlookers’ media-society relationship [Ball-Rokeach (1985); Ball-Rokeach and DeFleur, (1976); DeFleur and Ball-Rokeach, (1989); Skumanich and Kintsfather, (1998)]. All together for people, gatherings and social frameworks to accomplish individual and aggregate objectives, they require the assets of different people, gatherings and systems. While society's media system fills in as an essential channel for social frameworks, for example, governmental
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Information Adoption Model (IA) is based on the technology acceptance model, which is used to elucidate the determinants of user acceptance information systems and technology by measuring individual intentions and to explicate their intentions by attitudes [Davis (1986)]; and IAM is also based on the dual process model of information influence for instance the Elaboration Likelihood Model; which illustrates how receivers are affected by information within the message therefore it is used to delineate the change of attitude and behavior form and to illustrate the procedures underlying the effectiveness of persuasive communication [ Petty and Cacioppo (1986)]. In the case of this thesis it is going to explain how Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) has the capability to manipulate and persuade the individual, which can be current or potential customer, to change their behavior and intentions through the use of social media…show more content…
The impact of electronic word of mouth(eWOM) on consumer decisions has been evaluated all through various businesses including retail, gadgets, online stimulation, money related administrations, travel and others [Reigner, 2007]. Despite the fact that examination on the impact of eWOM on revenue is very little, this area of the postulation will investigate eWOM's impact on consumer decision making process and how the discoveries may give knowledge on how those consumer decisions thus influence the

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