Literature Review: Nursing Students Care For The Elderly

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The scope of nursing involves caring effectively for all patients from all areas of the developmental stage. As the nursing class of 2015 ventured into gerontology nursing, the first question the facilitators asked was, “How do you feel about older persons?” The responses that were given by the students were: they are too talkative, need too much monitoring, odor is very unpleasant and they are too stubborn. “Learning is a process in with an individual achieves behavioral maturation which is not coincidental.” (Business dictionary, 2014) Hence, one’s perception and resultant attitude in caring for the elderly should change as they move from a novice to an advance beginner stage of acquiring knowledge. There are several theories that focus on nursing student’s attitude in caring for the elderly. Various studies have been done on nursing students ' attitude towards older persons, all over the world that ranges from in the 70s to more current studies done up to early 2014 and various theories were formed. Researchers looked at nursing students’ attitude towards the elderly as a result of: stereotyping, experience gained from working with the elderly, the knowledge gained in the classroom, culture and the attitude of the lecturer towards the elderly.
A study done in Great Britain (D.A Slevin 1991) indicated that gender socialization influences may result in females having more positive attitudes toward older people than males. The fact that males showed less

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