Literature: Review Of A Literature Review On Abortion

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Literature Review
This paper will present a literature review on abortion. A literature review can be defined as the process that consist of reading, understanding and developing conclusions on a particular topic from theory and the published resources (Bellieni & Buonocore, 2013). A literature review is done to achieve knowledge that can be used in practice as well as a basis of conducting a research. It also provides background information on the research that has already been done on a topic and recommends on the significance of a new study (Bellieni & Buonocore, 2013). This paper will contain three concepts as discussed below. The first concept will be the legal concept of abortion, the second concept will be the health and medical concept while the last concept will be the social aspect of abortion.
Overview of Literature Concept 1 Over the past few years, abortion has been a controversial topic that has been argued over time. Women who consider practicing abortion are affected physically, mentally and emotionally. Abortion is commonly referred to as the termination of pregnancy (Bellieni & Buonocore, 2013). It can be defined as the intentional termination of pregnancy through the removal of the uterus before the fetus has a reasonable chance of survival. In the United States, approximately four out of ten unintended pregnancies are aborted. Majority of literature review in the United States that analyzes restrictions applicable on state level

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