Literature Review Of Bilingualism

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CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction Definition and backgrounds of theories and concepts connected to this study are provided in this chapter. Reviews of previous studies on code-switching, bilingualism and computer mediated communication which are homogenous to this study are provided. 2.1. Bilingualism 2.1.1. Definition of bilingualism The notion of bilingualism is frequently connected to the idea of code-switching since a person should have ability to speak using two or more than one variety. Researchers have made countless studies describing bilingualism as they create awareness in different ways. To begin with is Bloomfield (1933) who defined bilingualism as having the “native- like control of two languages”. However, Haugen (1953) pinpointed that bilingualism is the ability of a speaker to communicate and understand an additional variety. This is to mean that the concept of bilingualism exist only when an individual of a certain variety has the capability to communicate effectively in an additional variety. More definitions were given by other researchers but still there is no an agreed definition for who a bilingual person is. Weinreich (1953) gave a definition of bilingualism where he explained bilingualism as having the ability for a speaker to use two languages alternatively. 2.1.2. Types of bilingualism: Basing on conceptual representations and cognitive organizations of linguistics in a

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