Literature Review Of Brain Drain: Brain Drains In Developing Countries

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Literature Review
Brain Drain
Brian drain can be defined as moving highly qualified human capital to foreign countries for certain reasons like (Ray, 1971) has stated in his study that brain drain and un-employment co-exist particularly in developing countries both are because of non-utilization of qualified human personnel it can either be internal or external brain drain. Further is stated in his study “Any desire or plan to stem the brain drain is obviously not motivated simply by a desire to hold people within the political boundaries of the home country. If it were so, the solution could be very simple.”(Ray, 1971).
Brain drain from developing countries to the developed countries is an enduring problem like (Körner, 1998) has discussed in his study that rapid industrialization, economic and social consequences are might be the reason that people are moving from developing to developed countries and in addition to that “Professionally and academically qualified workers are still migrating from country to country, and in growing numbers as a result of the increasing globalization of economic relationships, in the sense of the global interdependence of production, consumption and knowledge creation.”(Körner, 1998)
Many factors contribute the brain drain of qualified personnel it can either by lifestyle, economic conditions, job satisfaction or any other like (Amore, 2000) shared in his study “My part in Brain Drain” that improved life style, economic crises and better job

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