Celebrity Endorsement Role Model

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1. Introduction: 1.1 Overview: Celebrity endorsement aims to create knowledge and create interest in the minds of customers. To do so several marketing techniques are implemented. Celebrity Endorsement is one of the influencing tool by which advertisers try to leverage the image and identification of the celebrity to promote a brand or company. Celebrity endorsement makes the advertisement dynamic, fascinating, interesting, but attention is also taken by customers.So far the celebrity is taken as a role model and in return these celebrities impact their lives. Celebrity endorsement is being done since long time, in fact not too late when advertisement techniques were taken on new shapes because advertisers recognized soon that by using public…show more content…
Literature Review: Marketing tends to perform on new and rare tactics of advertising as different tactics are investigated by advertisers to make the advertisements competent and effectual as well. Celebrity endorsement is one of this. It is known by advertisers very well that the positive image that the celebrities cast on the customer. The message in the advertisement can be made more convincing. (CHOI and Rifon, 2007). According to term ‘celebrity’ can be defined as, ”Celebrities are people who are known by public recognition by a vast share of peculiar Group of people.” (Schlecht, 2003) “Any individual who enjoys public recognition and this recognition is utilized on behalf of a consumer product by showing up with it in advertisement”. (Mc Crakcen, 1989) Celebrity endorsement is done by advertisers because of its huge profits endless possible influence. There are specific potential advantages of celebrity endorsement, the advertisement in which celebrities are endorsed get more attention as compared to non-celebrity ones, celebrity endorsement helps the company in re-positioning its product/brand and finally entitle the company when it penetrates new in the market or plans to move in international market. However, through celebrity endorsement a company cannot achieve sole key to success. It also shows the company with potential hazards. These might involve, overshadowing, overexposure, and controversy (Erdogan,…show more content…
The organizations today are creating immense stress upon the significance of appropriate match-up among the celebrity endorser and the brand. Whether it’s an automobile company or anyone else, the companies forever seem keen for a proper link among celebrity’s traits and brand characteristics. It also happens on the part of consumers as they also anticipate congruity between celebrity and the brand (Ohanian, 1991). The brand endorser match-up doesn’t only rely on only common congruency however on the physical attractiveness of the brand endorser as well. Eye-catching celebrities are more influential particularly while endorsing the brand that enhances the attractiveness, since customers assume that as the brand improved the exquisiteness of the endorser, so does it will in actual (Kamins, 1990). An additional study discovered that simply those celebrities are supposed to endorse who are similar and apparent by the consumers to have knowledge as well (Ohanian, 1991). 2.4 The Meaning Transfer

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