Literature Review Of Child Helpline By Fukkink And Hermanns

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Literature Review The literature review will introduce the latest studies on child helplines. Currently the study of child helpline is mainly in social work and psychology. From the existing literature, the value of child helpline in offering child social helps is confirmed. The further study of child helpline could be focused on operation management, technology innovation, public management and communication psychology. The review first introduces the character of child helpline and its replacement methods for children to seek social helps. Fukkink and Hermanns, in their article "Counseling children at a helpline: chatting or calling?”, compares three methods that children use to seek social helps. They think child helpline chatting is in the middle of face-to-face contact and CMC in the terms like speed, information collecting and so on. In the real-life experience, CMC and child helpline are more influential and seem to have a rival situation. Thus, Fukkink and Hermanns make a research on these two methods. They specially mention that besides verbal cues, helpline chatting can provide rich paralingual cues, which is not provided by CMC. From development and communication psychology aspect, Fukkink and Hermanns illustrate the character of children communication and their psychology. Children expect both solutions and emotional supports from child helpline. The content of the communication, children’s disposition and the effort cost to communicate would influence the way

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