Literature Review Of Computer Technology In Education

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Literature Review
Over the past decade the teaching model and learning method has been changed a lot, mostly due to the introduction of information technology, especially in higher education (Bo et al., 2011). John Dewey, an education, philosopher and psychologist stated in the early 1900s, “If we teach as we taught yesterday we rob our children of tomorrow” (Dewey, 1916). The method of implementing computer-aided education (CAE) can be a precious supplementary aid used to improve student achievement, indicated by previous studies. Educational software can be used as sugar coating for learning content by means of introducing games as extrinsic motivation (Habgood and Ainsworth, 2011). Utilizing computer technology in education is one way of motivating students. Students who are provided with the choice of their own learning styles, contributes to increased motivation in turn increases student learning (Kinzie, Sullivan and Berdel, 1988). The use of computer technology to supplement traditional education is not a recent development. Students developed a positive attitude towards courses they were taking as a result of being taught on computers. The amount of time students needed for learning was greatly reduced by the computer (Kulik, Bangert and Williams, 1983). Traynor (2003) argued that CAE programs increase student learning by increasing motivation. There are incompatibilities between the demands of the new technologies and the traditional school
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