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Chapter II : Literature Review Introduction The aim of this thesis is to address the Conflicts in Moyale and its environments. The factors of the conflict regarded as political, ethnic, economic, regional (due to its location), etc. Thus, the literature review of this study arranged to have three parts. The first part is devoted to highlight the concept of conflict in general. By doing so, it provided a platform to which one can conceptualize the conflicts in Moyale and its surrounding. The second part discussed theories related to ethnicity and ethnic mobilization. Because, most of the time conflicts in Moyale and its environments fought along ethnic lines. The purpose of this section is to mirror the way in which ethnic identity is articulated and whether ethnic mobilization prevailed or not in the case of the Moyale conflicts. It is obvious, whatever the causes of the conflict, recent conflicts have some elements of ethnicity and ethnic mobilization inside it. The stake is high when it comes to the Moyale conflicts. Therefore, this research employed theories of ethnicity in explaining the way identity is prescribed and ascribed; and theories of ethnic mobilization in describing the causes of the conflicts in Moyale and its environments. The third part deals with the historic interaction between…show more content…
In his “triangular” model of conflict and violence Galtung (1996) has states that if there are evident incompatible goals; like one group’s goal is blocked by the other group’s goal, contradictory attitudes; and violent behavior (physical and/or verbal) concurrently, there exists an intergroup conflicts. The more basic the blocked goals are- such as access to grazing land and other basic needs, the more likely the conflict will turn violent (Finlev,

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