Literature Review Of Curro Aurora Private School

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2015 Curro aurora Private School Emile Engels [GEOGRAPHY ALBEDO RESEARCH] Table of Contents: Introduction Page 2 Literature Review Source 1 Page 5 Literature Review Source 2 Page 6 Literature Review Source 3 Page 7 Literature Review Source 4 Page 8 Literature Review Source 5 Page 9 Methodology 1 Page 10 Methodology 2 Test 1 Page 12 Methodology 2 Test 2 Page 14 Temperature Graphs Page 15=20 Analysis Page 21 Conclusion Page 23 References Page 24 Literature review Sources Appendix A-E Surveys Appendix F Histograms appendix G Introduction Students from Curro Aurora experience a variety of temperatures throughout the day in different classes and wondered what were the causes of this heat variation being experienced. Most of the teachers experienced the same symptoms from the heat such as headaches throughout the day as well as feeling dehydrated a lot and the inability to concentrate because of the heat. According to the surveys the temperatures of the classrooms, stay very constant with little change from the morning temperatures compared to that of the afternoon temperatures. Albedo: It is the fraction of shortwave radiation that is reflected from the earth back into space ( If albedo is brought into the context of buildings, the roofs of buildings either reflect insolation or absorb it. With this in mind, I considered what effect albedo will have on the internal temperature a classroom. I wanted to research this affect and

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