Literature Review Of Customer Satisfaction In Restaurant Industry

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1. Student details: 1.1 Name: Vaghela Deepikaben Maganbhai 1.2 Student ID:1525258 2. The programme of research 2.1 Title: To evaluate customer satisfaction in restaurant industry in India. 2.2 Research Objectives: • To explore the relationship exist among these factors, employee performance, food quality, price, physical environment and customer satisfaction with the help of literature review. • To understand this relationship we have investigate through data collection from youth in a restaurant named FRIED CHICKS. • To access our findings we use different data analysis techniques such as reliability, descriptive and inferential statistics, and correlation and regression analysis. • To evaluate and interpret our finding by accepting or rejecting the hypothesis we have developed on the basis of results we have collected through data analysis techniques. • To conclude that there exist a relationship between customer satisfaction and employees performance, food quality, price, physical environment. 2.3 Introduction: In today 's reality, service industry is ruling the business world. Presently Service Industry is biggest developing territory of business in creating nations. Amid the previous couple of decades consumer loyalty have ended up real ranges of regard for analysts. Enhance administration prompts more noteworthy fulfilment and eventually build productivity. There must be diverse methodologies that can be utilized by eatery 's proprietors as a part of request

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