Literature Review Of Empowerment In Small Business

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A. Definition of Empowerment
Empowerment is etymologically derived from the word 'Power ' which means the ability to do something or the ability to act. Getting a prefix and become 'empowered ' which means powerful, capable, resourceful (way and so on) to overcome something. Getting the prefix and the suffix and become 'empowerment ' which can be interpreted as a making effort or process to make able, can act or do something (Big Dictionary of Indonesian: 1995).
Implementation of society empowerment is actually a real effort that concerns all aspects of life that exist and occurred in the society. One form of society empowerment activities is the empowerment of micro and small industry sectors. According to Oos M. Anwas (2013: 125-126) explained that the empowerment of small businesses is not only done to people who already have business. Empowerment in this aspect is how the society is encouraged to be able to develop their efforts in accordance with their potential. The main empowerment of small business is how to build strong human resources. They need to be fostered from the production process to post-production properly and efficiently. They need to be encouraged to create innovative products that are competitive. The ability to think and behave innovatively is needed. Other skills and capabilities that are needed by small business actors are managerial aspects, financial management, marketing and mutual cooperation. Small entrepreneurs also need

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