Literature Review Of Fast Food

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Chapter 2
REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter contains the papers prepared by the researchers related to the topic subject of the study. This research will investigate about the consumer behavior in choosing a fast food and this chapter will tell the different factors about choosing a fast food chains. This chapter reviews the relevant literature about consumers and services, the consumer decision- making process model, and previous studies in consumers’ restaurant selection behavior. Furthermore, the interrelationships between customer satisfaction, food quality, service quality and behavioral intentions are discussed. This part is to expand understanding to the subject. Through this chapter, we can better understand what is the factors that influence a single customer in choosing a restaurant. Related Literature
Fast Food chains can be referred as one of the most visiting type of restaurant in the whole world. These foods usually referred as fries, hamburger, pizza, nuggets or other kind of food that can be served quickly at a lowest price. Consumption of a fast food chain became global phenomenon especially among young adults and adolescents. According to Maslow (1970) that human basic needs is a hierarchical manner which Physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization are the needs that human being should had their lives. Thus, the Fast food gives this criteria but in on their ways were the needs of human satisfy in a short period of time.

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