Literature Review Of Guerilla Marketing

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Chapter Two: Literature Review
Marketing has become a staple in modern business life. In order to grow market share and become a market leader an organization must divert a lot of their manpower to promotional activities. These activities heavily impact how their good is perceived and, essentially, how they are bought. In the discussion of guerilla marketing it can be observed that it relies on an interesting and unconventional strategy towards marketing in order to create a buzz. The focus of the literature review is to investigate the impact of guerilla marketing on consumer perception. A qualitative literature review will be conducted to investigate the research topic, which will be narrowed down to three subtopics to focus on major components of guerilla marketing are and what the findings aim to conclude. The three subtopics are: “How does word- of – mouth influence consumer perception?”, “How does celebrity marketing influence consumer perception?” and “What impact does social media have on consumer perception?” The scope of the literature review includes twenty-two citations from sources such as professional journals, educational textbooks relevant to the topic and academic journals. A mixture of more recent and less recent sources are used to further investigate the research problem by using a wider range of critiques and relevant historical information.

Guerilla Marketing and its Influence on Consumer Perception
Guerrilla marketing can be
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