Literature Review Of Hong Kong And Chinese Culture

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The following literature review will take account of some of the well-known and more recent research on the following themes; Hong Kong and Chinese Culture, Short Term International Assignments and Pre-Departure & Cross Culture Training. The first two themes will set the scene as to why pre-departure & cross cultural training might be important and effective or indeed might not be effective as previously thought when embarking on an international assignment to conduct international business in the foreign host country and its culture.
Hong Kong & Chinese Culture
According to Tylor (1881) culture is such a complex phenomenon involving morals, laws, beliefs, knowledge, customs and other characteristics adopted by society overtime that distinguishes them from other cultural societies. Hofstede (1984) defines culture as the “collective programming of the mind which distinguishes one group of people from another”. Furthermore, Ying Fan (2000) argues that culture is the collection of morals, beliefs, behaviours, customs, values and behaviours that separate one society from another. The author furthers explains that a national culture of society aids the guidance of those people in the specific society with in which their values and beliefs guide their behaviours. According to England (1978) a value system is one that can influence and/or guide the behaviours of individuals, and it’s with these values that either differentiate us from other cultures or make us

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