Literature Review Of ICT

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LITERATURE REVIEW CHAPTER TWO 2.0 INTRODUCTION This chapter looks at various literatures available on the subject under discussion with the intent of making a critical look at the various works of various authorities who have extensively dealt with the issue of concern as pertaining to this subject. 2.1 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The World Bank (2003 citing Rodriguez & Wilson, 2000) stated that ICT is the set of actions which is facilitated by electronic means of processing, broadcast and display of information. According to United Nations, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP, 2001) ICTs refer to technologies people use to share, allocate, and put information together and to communicate, through computers and computer networks. In this study, ICT is viewed as the various tools and gadgets that are used to process information and communicate the information to the various stakeholders. ICT are gadgets that are used also in the dissemination of services and products to reach people in a safe, faster, and convenient way. The services and products may include hardware and software; Internet, telephones/mobile phones, telefax, typewriter, calculators, radios, televisions, and others used in industries among others. Bakkabulindi (2002; 2000) observed that ICTs are of two major types namely; ICTs for altering or processing data into information such as abacus machines, calculators, typewriters and computers; and ICTs for communication of data and or

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