Literature Review Of Internal And Internal Marketing In The Service Industry

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Internal marketing is an activity which is viewed as critical and fundamental so as to create a customer- focused organizational culture, with aim to establish the internal and external awareness of customers by removing obstacles for the effectiveness of the organization (Christopher, Payne and Ballantyne, 1991). The concept of internal marketing is more acceptable in service sector such as banks or insurance companies where employees have a direct contact with the customers thus managers should find ways to manage their employees to increase the market orientation (Hartline and Ferell, 1996; Donavan, Brown and Mowen, 2004).Internal marketing helps in maintaining workforce and helps in accomplishing the performance targets sets by the organization ( Dunnes & and Barnes, 2000). Managers need to know what are the factors that make employees committed at work by making them aware about their customers and competitors without affecting the profitability of the firm. 2.2 The 4p’s of Internal Marketing 2.2.1 Products Products in internal marketing are necessary to change and influencing employees’ attitudes and behaviors. However, to perform internal marketing successfully, it is not possible to determine a product just from the management viewpoint and position but it is the needs and conditions of employees that matter. When planning jobs, different techniques are used in the determination

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