Literature Review Of Literature On Mosquito Control

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Review of Literature
Vector Control:
“An insecticide is a substance used to kill insects” (IUPAC, 2006). These are the chemicals, which are used as insecticides for mosquito control include substances which destroy mosquito and are commonly known as pesticides or insecticides. If used against mosquito larvae, such insecticides are known as larvicides. A suitable larvicide should have rapid and persistent action in different kinds of water where mosquitoes breed such as polluted and brackish water as well as freshwater. If used against the adult mosquitoes they are known as adulticides. Substances which inhibit the normal growth of mosquito larvae resulting in early death are insect growth regulators. Insecticides mainly synthetic pyrethroids are used for impregnation of nets.
Classification of insecticides: Insecticides used in mosquito control may be categorized in various ways for different purposes. They may be classified according to their uses based on the stage of insect life cylcle acted upon (adulticide or larvicide). They may be classified by their mode of entry into the insect’s body (contact, inhalation or ingestion), and by their mode of action against the insects (stomach poison, nerve poison,etc.). These may be inorganic, natural organic and synthetic organic.
Major classes of insecticides approved by WHO for public health
Organochlorine compounds: The organochlorine (oc) is an organic compound containing at least one covalently bonded chlorine

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