Literature Review Of Literature On Tourism Industry

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1) Literature review

Concept based Literature Study of Tourism Industry -Analysis of factors which affect the most in satisfaction level of tourist during the overseas travel. Abstract:-

Growth of the country depends upon the GDP of the country and the GDP depends upon the Sectorial and performance of the industry in the country. So for achieving and stabilizing the growth of country it is necessity to sustain the business and improve the condition of the particular industry. As the industry is concern Tourism Industry is playing a vital roal in the growth of the country and the growth rate GDP. Now a days, People need more leisure and relaxation time to get refreshment from their daily routine life, It is
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Country is trying to lift up the share of overseas travel arrivals to 1% of total worldwide tourists over the next coming years, from 0.64%. In 2014, overseas exchange earnings from tourist arrivals totalled $19.657 billion, compared with $18.445 billion in 2013. It is possible for the country to achieve 1% of worldwide tourists by 2017, it will need to take fast decision and implement to achieve the required target.

Literature and research related to Tourism Industry cycles, appreciation, trends, etc around the globe is not readily available and more importantly there is a serious lack of research about Tourism Industry trends, etc specifically in India. The Tourism Industry is recurring in nature but the cycles are neither regular nor predictable. Moreover, the amplitude and frequency of the cycles differ from place to place and time to time (Brown and Liu, 2001).

What furthers hampers research into this field is the fact that Tourism Industry cycles are difficult to characterize because of varying severity across different Tourism Industry sectors. There is also a general perception or belief that Tourism Industry markets are inefficient and imperfect relative to the other
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In tour, accommodation plays efficient role by providing the amenities that make travel convenient and relaxed. Accommodation as one of the more significant components on the demand side as lodging has a major influence on the type of guests who come to a destination. Accommodation and food provides an essential support services to satisfy the motivation that brought the tourist to the destination. Food obviously plays a major role in visiting the place and therefore services related to food are very essential.

The required and favorite food items in destinations significantly depend on the artistic and geographic background of the guests Foodservice operation is not simply in the commerce of providing food and beverages; they are in the business of creating visitor enjoyment. Achieving this goal requires concentration to detail and preparation that begins well in advance of warm welcome the first guest.

The guest experience is strong-minded by a variety of interrelated factors from menu design and place settings to plate appearance and style of service. Each of these factors plays a significant role in achieving guest satisfaction and must be made within the substantial and person constraints of the operation (Cook et. al., 2007). Food and beverage are very important apparatus of the tourism

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