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2.1 intensive LITERATURE REVIEW AUTHOR NAME (Years) FINDINGS CITATION TITLE OF PAPER JOURNAL VOLUME NO:(PAGE NO) 1:-Robinson (2001) Financial services don 't seem to be the curative for poorness alleviation however different ways ar would like for the poor World Health Organization would like food and employment before they 'll create use of monetary service. Microfinance revolution Sustainable finance for the poor European journal Volume2: no. 2 2:-Morduch and Haley (2002) there 's proof to support the premise that it 's doable for a microfinance establishment to serve the poorest and conjointly reach monetary property. Analysis the impact of microfinance on poorness reduction African journal Volume2, no.1 3:-Anyanwu k(2004) Microfinance Bank isn 't simply to providing capital to poor however conjointly combat poorness to a personal level. It conjointly has role at institutional level. It seeks to form establishment that deliver the monetary service to the poor, World Health Organization unnoticed by the formal banking sector. Impact of microfinance on poorness alleviation in African country European journal Volume two, No,1 4:-Swain(2004) Microfinance is batter used as instrumental beside different policy for poorness alleviation instead of poorness reduction ways in isolation.

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