Literature Review Of Low-Income Families

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Within this critical literature review, the article which will be under analysis is “low- income families and coping through brands: Inclusion or stigma?” which was written by Kathy Hamilton in 2012. The article concentrates on the coping strategies used by single parents and low-income families to avoid stigmatisation and threats upon their social identities. Therefore, to avoid stigmatisation these low-income families may take part in conspicuous consumption where families may spend a lot of money on luxury goods to make themselves look better, which can give them a sense of economic power and acceptance within society. However, due to the rise of ‘chav’ culture surrounding single mothers, it can be much harder to move away from stigmatisation, even if they take part in conspicuous consumption to seek approval, opposite outcomes can occur. To fully begin the critical review an overall summary of the article will be provided, then the theories which can apply to the article will be touched upon and finally, it will be explained what consumption can tell us about the contemporary nature of crime. Consumerism has a huge impact within a modern society and it affects how people live their lives; the things they wear, the cars they buy and how they show their social identities. The article concentrates on qualitative research which was carried out on 30 low-income families in the UK. There were in-depth interviews carried out on the 30 families, and 25 of these were

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