Literature Review Of Orange Is The New Black

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2. Literature review
Orange Is the New Black sets upon women in prison and centres on the flashbacks and experiences exposing their lives. The television series features issues for example sexuality, race, ethnicity. It centres on the life and experiences of the main character: Piper Chapman and the women she is familiarised with while within carceral spaces. The literature that I have used helps to explain the background to my research question. This will include three areas of knowledge: feminist geographies, popular geopolitics and carceral geographies. I have decided to study these areas because any issues that are important to women in society such as race and ethnicity can be viewed in a certain way and OITNB is an excellent example in how the mass media capture this true representation.

2.1 Theoretical perspective
Feminism is a very important theory as it involves around the relationship of women and an analysis on how societies are structured between men and women. Early feminist work within geography challenged the discipline for its failure to adequately incorporate women in profession (Mark & Hanson, 1982) (as seen by Valentine, 2007). With most literature researches; assumptions are being made that both genders perspectives are the same even though most geographical knowledge is based more towards the male
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