Literature Review Of Organizational Climate

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Since 1930s, the relationship between management and employees has played an important role in both academic and business world. Attitudes of the employees towards their organization, as a result of their work environment, is an important aspect in organizational behaviour literature.When the literature is reviewed, it is possible to conclude that organizational climate is one of the important concepts regarding organizational environment which has a direct relationship with employee behaviour. Employee behaviour in organizations is a result of their personal characteristics as well as the environment which they work in. Regarding this, Organizational Climate is an important aspect in order to understand employee’s work-related behaviour and it was began to be discussed in organizational behaviour literature since late 1960s. As a contemporary definition, organizational climate is said to be a product of the aggregate of psychological climate which is the perceptions of individuals about their work environments (James et al., 2008:5-32). According to Litwin and Stringer, (1968:110) organizational climate is a multi-dimensional concept which influences motivational factors in organization (e.g. achievement, power and affiliation). In 1974, Pritchard and Karasick introduced climate as a quality measure of an organization’s internal environment, which result from the collective behaviour of its employees, perceived by its

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