Literature Review Of Pay It Forward

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Purpose of research
This research study will determine whether initiating the Pay-It-Forward concept in D 'Olier Street coffee shop will benefit the students by promoting a kinder and more supportive environment. The Pay-It-Forward concept is derived from an Italian tradition that originated from Naples, which is when people pay in advance for a coffee meant for someone who cannot afford to buy one themselves. It is an anonymous act of charity. Kindness is contagious being kind to others increases our own level of happiness (Jung et al. 2014).
The research question is, would the students of Trinity College Dublin School of Nursing and Midwifery be willing to make use of and benefit from the initiation of the Pay-It-Forward concept within the D’Olier street coffee shop.

Literature Review
A full literature review will be done, to identify any similar research studies and to help plan the direction that my research will take.
Some keywords that will be used in the search are; Pay-it-forward, good intentions, crowdfunding, pay what you want, random acts of kindness, charity, donating food and beverages and suspended coffee scheme.
The following databases will be searched:
• ABI/Inform Global
• EconLit with Full Text
• Emerald
• FT Archive
• LexisNexis News and Business

In our economic climate at present the central statistics office (CSO 2013) states that the percentage of people living in consistent poverty in Ireland during 2013 was 8.2%,

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