Literature Review Of Phantom Of The Opera

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French journalist Gaston Leroux’s amazing Gothic novel, The Phantom of the Opera had strong words “Erik is not truly dead. He lives on within the souls of those who choose to listen to the music of the night.” Gaston was a journalist and graduated Law school inheriting millions of Francs. However, due to misspending, he almost reached bankruptcy and started working as a full time journalist and author of various books like The Phantom of the Opera. The novel originally written in French has been transcribed into other various languages since its’ release in 1909. A century later, Lamapara Publishing House, Inc. published their 1st copy in the Filipino in 2011. “Our lives are one masked ball.” said Erik. The story of the Phantom of the Opera shows that some may be craving to be loved and receive the smallest bit of sympathy but, do monstrous and cruel acts as a cover up for all the pain and suffering in the lines of Erik that go “All I wanted was to be loved for myself,” People say that Erik is the bad guy, but do they really understand it?

Leroux’s book tells of how society perceives others through the standards we create. The Phantom was a product of the cruelty and maltreatment Erik the so called Phantom has received. The say the Phantom moves like a shadow and disappears as soon as he is seen. Soon, The Phantom was the point person for every little disaster that took place in the opera house. It all started when Christine Daae, a soprano singer from Sweden, suddenly
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