Design-Driven Innovation In Product Design

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2.0 Literature Review 2.1 the principles of the Product design innovation Product design innovation involves 3 factors which are design-driven innovation, the evolution of social culture, and factors of social and culture influence the product innovation (Guo et al., 2016). There are two dimensions followed by design-driven innovation which are market-pull, and technology-push innovation. Design-driven innovation is the study of the customer wants and demands in the new market environment or the new segment of target customers’ wants, which is under theory of incentives of problem solving (TRIZ). There is four modes under design driven system includes creating needs, the detailed generation process, need analysis, and resource analysis. The…show more content…
According to the research conducted by Mutlu and Er (2003), they argues that product design innovation plays an important role in the competitive strategy of a company operation. In addition, product design innovation consists of several advantages from both end-user’s point of view and the innovator’s perspective. For instance, product design innovation remains less risky, less expensive, less time consuming from the company perspective and more beneficial from the end-user perspective. Thus, product design innovation requires a lower level of technical competency to achieve and which also avoids long-term development intervals in product design…show more content…
It has been around and shaped our life for thousands of years. In global world, corporations can copy and succeed .Global competition shows that imitators end up winners and global copying is now not only far commoner than innovation in business, but a surer route to growth and profits. However, today 's companies obtain their competitive advantage and economic interest largely from innovation. Apart from that, we can state product innovation advantages both to the company and to industry respectively. (Nebojša Zakić, 2008) Product innovation may increase companies ' knowledge inventory while its contribution to company outcome which can be determined by sales and profits, new products/ services and also by changes in market share. Besides that, product innovation contributes in reducing production costs and time of production process and that leads to an increase in investment returns and production efficiency. It contributes also in improving products quality and makes products more competitive in home and external
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