Literature Review Of Recycling Cell Phones

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Literature Review
To start improving the environment and making our world a better place, recycling our old phones, tablets, computers, and another technology is a good idea. Recycling our old phones allows for less radiation and impurities within our air, “We believe that cell phone recycling is particularly important because (1) cell phones contain materials that are toxic when disposed of improperly,” (Mahmud, par., 2). Mahmud explains that we should start recycling because of the deadly toxic within are mobile phones. Many people do not know that “only about 10% of discarded cell phones in the U.S. by weight are recycled (U.S. EPA, 2013),” (Mahmud, par. 16). This is something that we need to change in order to take care of our planet, people need to start recycling old cell phone instead of throwing them away in the trash.
There are many different organizations that can help you with recycling old technology and some that might even recycle it for you. Although, “we live in an era when having the latest technology not only is important for increasing our standard of living, but also encompasses a huge part of our self-worth” (Loung, par. 1). Loung explains how we as people always want the new iPhone or the next Samsung Galaxy, which is why we only have about 10% of the phones being recycled in the U.S. In order to solve this, we should recycle our old phones first before getting a new one because of the effect your old phones can do to others and the environment. We

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