Essay On Cell Phone Recycling

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Literature Review
To start improving the environment and making our world a better place, recycling our old phones, tablets, computers, and another technology is a good idea. Recycling our old phones allows for less radiation and impurities within our air, “We believe that cell phone recycling is particularly important because (1) cell phones contain materials that are toxic when disposed of improperly,” (Mahmud, par., 2). Mahmud explains that we should start recycling because of the deadly toxic within are mobile phones. Many people do not know that “only about 10% of discarded cell phones in the U.S. by weight are recycled (U.S. EPA, 2013),” (Mahmud, par. 16). This is something that we need to change in order to take care of our planet, people
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A lot of people have no idea about the risk of having a cell phone and that most of the time they always will get a new phone even though the one that they have still worked. I wanted the survey to show people who they are as a person and that getting a new phone in a couple days without recycling it can show the effects on our environment. I feel that this survey gave me some insight about when people get a new phone, this is something we should try and stop because the more people buying phones the more they are going in accumulate the amount of e-waste in our…show more content…
Giving this survey and seeing the results have shown me that mostly a lot of people do not know that much about e-waste and that sometimes they give their phones back to the provider. Not giving your phone back to the provider is good because most of the time they might resell your phone and not recycle it at all. So keeping your old phones may be a good thing so that you can find organizations that deal with recycling these types of
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