Literature Review Of Self Efcacy

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Literature Review Article 1 Analysis of the infuence of self-efcacy on entrepreneurial intentions, José Luis Martínez Campo The article talks about how today entrepreneurship has become one of the most important part of growing economies, According to global entrepreneurship monitor entrepreneurship has a very important role in a country’s economy. It contributes in creation of new business opportunities in companies which already exist, also it leads to more investments in the local economy, create new jobs and increase competitiveness . The article gives examples of studies conducted by various authors and these studies prove that entrepreneurship is an important part of every economy and it plays a very important role in its growth. It also incubates new and innovative business forms. The idea of entrepreneurship has been analysed from various criteria : one involves the knowledge and the individuals capability of recognizing economic opportunities in the market and which can be exploited through th =e creation of new businesses. The previous studies have also stated that entrepreneurship is a function which involves all activities and functions related to an individuals point of view on opportunities and exploiting these opportunities to build up new enterprise. The propensity of entrepreneurship depends on various factors. This case especially talks about the self-efficacy factor and how it influences the entrepreneurs Next, the article goes on to explain what is
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