Literature Review Of Service Quality

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2.4 Definition of terms In the literature reviewing section of service quality, it will be discussed that is how the service quality and customer satisfaction is explained, how is it possible to measure and evaluate the service quality as discussed by different scholars and authors who have done a lot of researches on this area. In the early 20th century it has been noted consideration of process in measuring the quality practice. Juran (1988) argue that Walter Shewart a statistician, introduced a mechanism for control that is a chart which can help in evaluation and controlling quality, by making quality relevant for both the finished product and the processes that created it. W.E Demining mentioned using statistical quality control procedure, in the Japanese economy contributed a lot in the improvements after the Second World War. The other important contributor for quality was Feigenbaum (1999) the publisher of Total quality control hand book Juran and Crosby (1984). Quality has been define in different ways by different authors and researchers. Some defines as ‘conformance to requirements’ Crosby (1984). Juran (1988) has defined quality as fitness for use. Eiglier and Langeared (1987) has defined differently that is quality is ‘One that satisfies the customers’. Batesone and Hoffman (1999) has also defined service as deeds, efforts or performance, Deming (1986) also on the other hand has defined quality as predictable degree of uniformity and dependability, at low

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