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Dissertation Title: Operational Inefficiencies at Sony Music as a direct result of Corporate structure, Culture and Politics: Literature Review: The broad concept of the research being undertaken is in the field of corporate structure, corporate politics and corporate culture. The main topics being investigating are organisational structuring roles within businesses, centralisation vs decentralisation, changing an organisation’s organisation structure, corporate politics and corporate culture. Throughout my investigation I also felt it important to address how politics and culture affect the ways people operate within a company. This review includes studies, articles and books published on these subjects. To be included in the review the information addressed had to be dated no earlier than 1960 to maintain relevance in today’s business world. The content reviewed has been organised into the following sections:
 Corporate Structure Centralisation vs Decentralisation Impacting Change on Organisational Architecture Corporate Politics Corporate Culture Each section includes excerpts from relevant citations as well as a Key Learnings summary in relation to the subject of the dissertation. Theoretical framework: - The Congruence model The congruence model is based on the ideology the that an organisations performance is based on four key elements; tasks, people, structure and culture. For the investigation into Sony Music’s operational efficiencies it will be used to

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