Literature Review Of Two Stroke Engine

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Chapter Literature Review Engines The 1876 four stroke engine developed by Nikolous Otto in Germany was the rebellion for internal combustion engines. This development was based on the Otto cycle. Five years later the two stroke engine was developed in Scotland by Dugald Clerke. Since then internal combustion engines has been the spot of interest for engines. [1] Types of engines This project basically study two stroke internal combustion engines. But to understand the classification of engines it is important to see the types. (a) Based on number of strokes: (i) Two stroke engines (ii) Four stroke engines (b) Based on thermodynamic cycle: In this case we classify them based on the thermodynamic cycle they use. So we classify them into (i) Engines based on Otto cycle (‘Spark-Ignition engine’) (ii) Engines based on Diesel or Dual cycle (‘Compression-Ignition engine’) (c) Based on ignition: in IC engines combustion occur by using spark ignition or by its own due to high amount of compression. Based on their ignition types we classify engines into (i) Spark ignition engines (ii) Compression ignition engines. (e) Based on fuel admission: Engines can have different type of fuel admission systems. (i) Carburetor type engines (ii) Injection type engines Fundamental operation of two stroke engines This research effort involves a SI IC engine operating with a 2 stroke cycle that produce power in every revolution. The cycle for any of these IC engines is open rather than
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