Literature Review Of Water Pollution

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What is water pollution?
As the country is becoming more and more populated, the demands for social services have increased significantly. This has led to an increase of the pollution in many developing towns such as Ga-kgapane. The most disturbing and problematic forms of pollution in Ga-kgapane is the pollution of the natural streams. Water pollution is when there is a build of one or more substances in water to such an extent that it causes problems for animals or plants. This form of pollution has increased as the population of this town has increased. There are two different ways in which water pollution can occur:
• If pollution occurs from a single location such as a discharge pipe attached to a factory it is known as point-source pollution.
• A great deal of pollution happens not from one source but from many different scattered sources. This is known as nonpoint-source pollution.
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Water pollution is happening everywhere but this investigation is focused on water pollution in Ga-kgapane and how the increase in population has led to an increase in this pollution. One of the main causes for water pollution in this town is:
• The disposal of waste products in the streams
• The washing of clothes and other things in these streams
• Human activities such as swimming and playing in these streams
Water pollution has become a growing problem in this town and has led to a lot of other issues that should be

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