Literature Review Of Women Empowerment

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3 Empirical Literature Review Women empowerment world-wide has been among the critical roles of many countries in order to enable women participate actively in the national economy, politics and social related issues. Particularly in economy, different mechanisms has been used to empower women, among them are establishment of rotating savings and credit associations, creation of self-help groups in the communities and creation of different income generation activities (ILO, 2006). In fact, women are very much committed to these groups since they normally help them to make significant changes in their lives. Many women economic groups are legitimate forums for discussing different problems such as lower women economic status, entrepreneurship…show more content…
They are involved in value addition for different products. However, their participation in value chain development activities does not always result into their socio-economic empowerment. As a result, majority of women have continued lagging behind in terms of securing markets, entrepreneurship skills and general empowerment hence becoming difficult to emancipate them from the vicious cycle of poverty. The general assumption with regard to women economic empowerment in relation to the market availability for women entrepreneurs on chicken small scale producer is that if given opportunities women are expected to excel well in business. They have a high control of their business, high degree of prudence and they are honesty and trustful. In this regard, they are capable of attracting customers and therefore expanding their businesses (World Bank,…show more content…
SMEs all over the world and in Tanzania in particular, can be easily established since their requirements in terms of capital, technology, management and even utilities are not as demanding as it is the case for large enterprises. SMEs can be established in both rural and urban setting as they do require minimum technology, skills and capital. But it has been noted that SMEs play a fundamental role towards poverty alleviation and economic empowerment among the community members, women included. It is for this reasons Government and other stakeholders need to implement the SME development policy and other government policy to nurse SMEs development in Tanzania and create economic empowerment among the community members hence improving their

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