Literature Review On Academic Cheating

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Literature Review Introduction Education is one of the major factors the determines one 's future and life. Education takes us to the future that cannot be grasped. It is believed that people have the ability to succeed in life if they choose the right path. If one is forced to follow a path different form one 's capability, performance will be low and score low grades. This kind of situation may lead to ways that circumvent to ways of cheating (Broeckelman, M. and Pollock, T. (2006). As cited by Mark J. Bourassa M. thesis and dissertation, Fass (1986) describes academic dishonesty as "the most serious violation of trust that can occur in a community of scholars and educators". This paper aims to review the current knowledge including substantive findings about the prevalence and contributing factors that lead students to manifest academic cheating behavior. This literature review contains three major section. The first section focuses on an exploration of the extent of the problem which includes the review of how academic cheating has been defined in different literature. Second, various contentions about the contributing factors of academic cheating are explored. The third section includes a review of the relationship between cheating and moral reasoning. Extent and definition of Academic Cheating/Dishonesty Academic Cheating/Dishonesty Definitions There is an absence of generally accepted definition and confusion when defining academic cheating. But there are a number of

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