Literature Review On Administrative Corruption

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Literature Review (Task Two) Theme 1: Defined the Corruption causes, effects, Preventing and combating administrative corruption. Purpose: Knowledge of the phenomenon of corruption. The goal of this research is mainly to identify the concept of administrative corruption and the mechanics of combat and to prevent it from the perspective of Management Thought, and to highlight the statement above by people for centuries of ways and means for the prevention of corruption in general and corruption in particular and control it in the community. Literature Review: (Corruption defined causes, effects and means of combating it, 2003, Judge Dr. Rahim Hassan Ugaili,) Corruption community spyware known of human societies since the dawn of history, which is an incurable disease afford all the countries and communities, whether they are rich or poor, educated or ignorant, dictatorship or democracy, strong or weak, and is thus associated with its appearance and continuation of the desire of human to get a physical or moral gains for thought in deep inside he has no right to it, however trying it, so he resorted to covert means to reach them, including the removal of his right in, or obtained through bribery or favoritism or nepotism or embezzlement of public money, and others. Corruption it is today a global phenomenon severe proliferation, with deep roots take the dimensions and wide which interfere with various factors difficult to distinguish between them, and the corruption will be
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