Literature Review On Alzheimer's Disease

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Literature Review:
According to the study conducted by Glickstein (1997), Alois Alzheimer was the person who identified the Alzheimer disease for the first time in 1906. Alois Alzheimer was a doctor and he identifies the Alzheimer disease in his patient (Auguste. D.) who was showing symptoms of paranoia, psychological changes and loss of memory. During the autopsy of the patient, Dr. Alois Alzheimer observed the shrinkage in brain cells and around the brain cells. In earlier days after the discovery of the Alzheimer disease, no treatment was given to Alzheimer’s patients because loss of memory or Alzheimer disease was considered as a natural process which happens with every individual. Earlier, the word “Senility” was used for Alzheimer disease and it was thought that Alzheimer is a new kind of mental disorder. According to Schmid (2008), a German Psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin first time used the term of Alzheimer disease in his famous book. In 1974, NIA (National Institute on Aging) was established by Congress to support the researches related to Alzheimer disease. During the era of 1976, Robert Katzman was a neurologist who found that Alzheimer disease is a prevalent form of Dementia. Katzman’s finding shows the world that Alzheimer disease is not because of aging. Alzheimer’s Association was founded in 1980 by J. H. Stone after a meeting with NIA. Deason et al., (2013) have found that mutations in 1, 14, and 21 chromosomes can cause Alzheimer disease; so Alzheimer disease

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