Literature Review On Ascaris Lumbricoides

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REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE I. Introduction What we would like to determine is whether age, sex, geographical location, and social classes contribute to a person 's susceptibility to A. lumbricoides. As medical technologists, we need to know the morphology of all parasites in order to differentiate the pathogenic and non-pathogenic kinds of parasites. Ascaris lumbricoides is a pathogenic parasite. By knowing the particular age, sex, social class, geographical location, and social classes in which is/are the common target of the parasite, we are able to diagnose and identify the proper treatment for the disease. Our research team got interested in this topic because it is of great help for the people or health works who administer to the care of those diagnosed with Ascariasis. Our main goal is to minimize Ascariasis infection in Dumaguete City. The first aspect of this research is finding out if a certain age group has the potential of getting infected with A. lumbricoides. Then, we will find out if the sex or gender of a person makes him/her more susceptible to the disease. After which we will determine if the geographical location can contribute to the susceptibility of a person. Finally, we will see if the social class of a person can contribute to him/her getting infected with Ascariasis. We will use DFS or Direct Fecal Smear in the determination of Ascaris Lumbricoides in the stool of our respondents. It is the simplest method used in Fecalysis. The

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