Literature Review On Asylum Seekers

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Literature review Proposal” Examination of the media reporting of asylum seekers in Ireland: Abstract: Media representations have taken different forms, the dominant way in which asylum seekers have been represented is negative - asylum seekers are seen as spongers, 'bogus ', 'illegal 's – Asylum seekers have been represented as criminals, echoing the state 's treatment of Asylum seekers as 'criminalised ', and as posing a threat to the integrity of the state and nation. Nagarajan, 2013 argues that In 2002, for example, 25 percent of Daily Mail and 24 percent of Daily Express articles were about asylum and he further explain challenging this thinking seems hopeless, but each of us can start by refusing to use terms such as 'illegal ', 'bogus ' or 'criminal '. (Nagarajan, 2013) Asylum seekers are inaccurately associated with criminality and disease, or described in terms of "floods" or "an influx", and that they are treated in abusive terms by some politicians and sections of the media. (Frewen, 2010) The asylum seeker is always a racialised figure. In the Irish context, for instance, people from Nigeria have been subjected to incredibly negative and racist media representation. Nigerian nationals represented the greatest proportion of those who applied to be recognised as refugees. (Nawagwuagwu, 2009) But all asylum seekers are racialised in this way, regardless of where they come from or what the colour of their skin - as 'invading ' Ireland in some sense, to

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