Literature Review On Automatic Garbage Collector System

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We, hereby, take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards number of people, without whom this project could not have been a great success. Firstly, We would like to thank our project guide Prof. Ravi Patel for his valuable support, guidance and motivation throughout this project. We are also deeply thankful to the respected faculties of Information Technology for sharing their vast experience with us and providing periodic feed backs which have shaped our thought process and working.. We feel that their constant motivation was extremely helpful to us. Thank you. A. D. PATEL INSTITUTEOF TECHNOLOGY, NEW VALLABHVIDYANAGAR GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD 2016-2017 DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2016-2017 CERTIFICATE Date: ______________________ This is to certify that the Project “Automatic Garbage Collector System” has been carried out by Parmar Nerisa (130010116026), Chaklasia Payal (130010116045) and Naikele Sushilkumar (140013116004) under my guidance in fulfillment of the subject Project – I under the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (7th Semester) of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2017-17. Internal Project Guide: Prof. Ravi Patel Information Technology Dept A.D.I.T Head of Department:

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